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This is a new concept in instructional videos.  Each volume is based on an actual 2-hour advanced-level workshop.  The videos were originally conceived as something to help the students remember the material taught in the class (thus the name "Video Notebook").  However, additional information was added so that the video is completely self-contained.

Each volume is based around one long complex routine.  Each video has contains about 17 new moves along with a few "regular" moves mixed into the routine.  The video is presented by first introducing some new moves along with variations that are used extensively in the routine.  These moves are explained in detail.  Then the entire routine is danced to up-beat salsa music, first "on 1" and then "on 2."  Lastly the entire routine is broken-down.


Following Eric's regular style, this is a very concise video.  It goes straight to the point.  The videos are only about 11 minutes long each (see below for more details on this).  However, the new moves at the beginning of each video are explained in detail.  After that, each move is shown counting every beat (1,2,3,.,5,6,7.) and only explaining key points such as special leads or following technique.

All the information for learning to effectively lead and follow the moves are contained in these short videos. It's like getting all the information from a 2-hour plus workshop and then having it all on video so you can't forget the moves.

The moves are a concentrated mix of New York and Los Angeles style moves.  The material is different than in any other of Eric Freeman's videos.  Please note that these videos were filmed in an empty room that had some echo.  This echo was somewhat picked up by the microphone on the first video. However, I believe you should have no problem understanding what I am saying. On the second video this problem was largely reduced.

Since each video is so short, both volumes are available on one tape for $24 (for NTSC, $26 for PAL.)

Details of videos:

"El Cubanito's Video Notebook, Volume I":

"El Cubanito's Video Notebook, Volume II":

All of the dance steps shown are leadable and followable - NOTHING is choreographed. This means, that once you and your partner are familiar with the moves, they can be lead without any notice other than a good lead.

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