Testimonials of

El Cubanito's Video Notebooks
Volume I & Volume II

Neal from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:
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"I was predisposed to not like these videos due to their shortness but I was wrong to think like this. I have seen other Salsa videos that were this short that were crap. Eric's video notebook however is well done & is worth buying.

I must point out I have only ever taught Workshops & have never done a Workshop as a student but I understand what students need to see.

I can understand how the techniques in these videos can be made into 2 hour Workshops. The other Workshop videos by other Salsa teachers I have seen have not been as good as these.  Students can learn the moves easily from these videos. Most students will however have to pause & still forward to learn the moves & routines. There are several moves that I will use in my social dancing. In fact in this video is the answer to one of my most common moves that I have never had a good ending for. One of the combinations answers my need for a better ending. ( #2 combination basket ) Also the #2 whip is a move I will start to use tonight. RMT ( NY ) style dancers will love these moves. All the moves can be used in social dancing by anyone however.

These are excellent videos of moves that I can use."

Lenora Olivas from Boulder, CO:

"Your videos, by the way, are VERY VERY well done!"

Thomas Swenson from Boulder, CO:

"The video notebooks are a great idea.  The two salsa workshops you held recently had some great looking, yet relatively easily learned moves. The usual problem after any class, however, is remembering the moves long enough and well enough to practice them and to internalize them. That problem is solved by the video notebooks.  In fact, you and Anna did such a good job thoroughly demonstrating and explaining each move step-by-step that the notebooks would be a useful resource even to someone who had not attended the workshops."

Jeff from Denver, CO:

"It was a good, very detailed video.  You walked through all of the footwork and handwork very clearly.
You covered everything from the workshop (which I attended) in the video."

Justin Corrocher from Boulder, CO:

"I liked the videos.  It's a bunch of new moves put together in a routine so you can dance it straight through when you're practicing it on the dance floor.  In both videos the steps and routines were more complicated than usual and thus more fun and more challenging for me.  It's easy to learn them from the video because of the way you broke them down. I also liked how you danced them "on 1" and "on 2."

Jason Spellberg from Boulder, Colorado:

"I have finally had a chance to take a good look at Eric Freeman's new product, the Video Notebook, and, like all of his salsa products, it was no disappointment in the "caliente" department.  This is a revolutionary idea--never before have I seen a salsa instructor film the material taught at his or her workshop, and then make the video available so that students can practice the moves by referring to it over and over again in the comfort of their own homes. Not only does Eric explain and break down the moves simply and straightforwardly--in a way that one would expect from one of the best salsa instructors in the world--this Video Notebook also contains the same professional-quality editing that was used in the Hot Moves and Salsa a la Cubana videos.  The main difference between the Notebook and Eric's other products is that these moves are mainly New York-style, and are probably more advanced than most of the material taught in the other video series.  They are definitely very different.  And because they are New York moves, Eric and Anna very appropriately teach them to be danced on both the "1" and the "2". Another nice feature of the video notebook is that is is now available on CD-ROM.  If you have Apple's Quicktime software (a free download from their website), this means that you can play the video on your computer.  When learning new salsa moves, there is a definite advantage in being able to reverse, fast-forward, and slow-speed the video instantly with the click on a mouse, rather than having to fuddle with a VCR.  It also means you can enjoy the videos anywhere you can take a laptop computer! Clearly, if you are an intermediate to advanced dancer who is unfamiliar with New York style moves, this Video Notebook would be a fantastic way to add these amazing routines to your salsa repertoire!"

Ed Bidinotto from Boulder, CO:

"I recently purchased your video notebooks and I'm  once again amazed at what you've managed to put together. Your notebooks contain new, complicated routines and you have this great ability to break down even the most complex moves so that even a beginner could follow them.

I continue watching and enjoying your videos and I'm learning how to develop my dance skills with your help. Having the video notebooks along with your other materials is almost like private instruction."

Valdemaro Santi from Uitikon, SWITZERLAND:

"Today I watched your CD. Very instructive -- nice ideas -- well presented."

Elle Jan from Frederiksburg, DENMARK:

"The two CDs are excellent. It is much quicker to scroll on a CD. Scrolling on a video eats up your life."

Roy Crisostomo from Ottawa, CANADA:

"I just got your tapes vol. 1 & 2. Even though it's a short one, it's a lot of information. The routine is not only is great but the moves are mostly leadable if you dance with an experienced follower. Thanks.  Keep making these types of instructional videos.."