Testimonials of Eric "El Cubanito"Freeman
as a Salsa Dance Instructor

George Deriso (geode@usa.net) from Boulder, Colorado

"We've tried dance lessons in the past, including some Latin dance, and the lessons never really "clicked" with us. Not until now. Your teaching style and your ability to break down the moves and build upon previous lessons are a perfect formula for us! You've been an exceptional instructor and we've recommended you to several others already..."

Jennifer M. from Boulder, Colorado

"Eric is a fantastic teacher. My first dance class was Eric's Intro to Salsa which was very fun and non-intimidating. He teaches you the most important thing first - how to really "hear" the music. I progressed to the more advanced group classes and then began taking private lessons because it is so much fun to dance with Eric. I have been lucky enough to travel to Cuba several times and take dance classes with some of the world's best salsa dancers, including "Mr. Nano" and Yanek Revilla in Santiago de Cuba. Eric dances as well as they do, in the true Cuban style, and most importantly he is also great teacher. There are a lot of good dancers but not everyone can teach. Eric does both very well. I highly recommend his classes. JM"

Ed Bidinotto (ebidinotto@gmail.com) from Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I can certainly vouch for Eric's teaching and dancing from many years. He is one of the worlds best for you folks that want to learn or improve your salsa or other types of latin dancing. Plus he has travelled extensivelly in the world teaching and dancing. Nice job Eric."

Nathan Hook from Boulder, Colorado
(Fellow Rueda de Casino instructor in Boulder)

"I wanted to thank you again for inviting me to help out with some of your dance classes last month. You are a fantastic teacher and I always learn a little something new."


"I was lucky enough to assist Eric last month with some of this classes and I am always completely humbled by Eric's teaching and dancing abilities. His classes come with a 'Very Highly Recommended' stamp of approval from myself."

Tony Tang (cbambush@gmail.com) from Boulder, Colorado

"I just wanted to write you a quick email to tell you how much I've enjoyed the Cuban Salsa class. While taking your NY salsa class is awesome as usual, I've really appreciated learning a new style from "the beginning." The heavy reliance of lead-follow connection has been a very good reinforcement of the critical concepts for being a "good" dancer. Thanks for offering the class this month and I look forward to starting the next level in a few days!"

Lisa Perrin (Lperrinb@aol.com) from Boulder, Colorado

"There's something about all the people who take Eric's salsa classes...Everyone is so warm, friendly and truly fun to be around. For a solid year, it's been a truly positive experience.

[Referring to Cuban Salsa classes] The Cuban salsa class is so much fun and something I look forward to all week. I was really hesitant to try a new style of salsa when I was still working on Level 4. I'm so glad I went for it. I've had more fun than I thought possible with the new Cuban class. I hope this becomes a permanent offering.

And thanks to you, Eric, for always making classes so much fun and enjoyable."

Karen Fowler (strategyk@earthlink.net) from Fort Collins, Colorado

"Eric’s analytical and conceptual abilities are superb and he uses those skills in combination with his mastery of salsa, extensive knowledge of rhythm and music, and passion for teaching to create a perfect learning environment for the student. Eric is very patient with beginners and communicates in a way that makes the student feel comfortable. Having recently taken up salsa, my private lessons with Eric elevated my abilities and confidence to step onto any salsa dance floor, including those in Puerto Rico. Eric is well-traveled, educated, and informed and it is not surprising that many of his students remain in contact with him over the years. Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have Eric Freeman as a member of its dance community!"

Fabio Boschetti  (Fabio.Boschetti@dem.csiro.au) from Perth, AUSTRALIA
(Runs www.salsaisgood.com website)

"In Boulder I took a set of private classes with Eric Freeman. Eric is an establishment in the salsa scene, being the producer of some of the best salsa videos around, and collector of a legendary archive of salsa moves. When I got there I knew only my rudiment Costa Rica style. I left with a reasonable understanding of what NY, LA, Miami, and in particular Cuban style are about. Eric also prompted me to the realization that my next trip had to be Cuba.

Most importantly, I left with a friendship with Eric that still endures, that brought so many salsa discussions both my mail, phone and in person during our subsequent meetings.

If you pass by Boulder do not waste the opportunity to learn from a master!"

Andy Moore (salsa_latina_uk@yahoo.co.uk) from London, ENGLAND

"I think one of the most amazing dancers I have seen is Eric Freeman from Colorado. He always seems to be enjoying the dance when seeing him in video or when giving workshops. There are so many good dancers out there but so many who don't smile and look like they're not having fun."

Tim Galus (t.galus@worldnet.att.net) from Denver, Colorado

"Denver is lucky to have Eric Freeman, "El Cubanito" of Salsa Web fame (but not fortune…) as one of our local teachers.  Eric teaches a smooth, flowing Cuban style salsa that I find the ladies really like, his moves come naturally to anyone who knows hustle.

Unfortunately he does not keep a regular schedule in Denver but does do seminars now and then.  I highly recommend taking his classes whenever possible.  The thing I like about Eric is that he gives you a good, full hour +, and always hangs around to talk/help afterwards. His stuff is always new, different and exciting."

Paul Olk (pmolk@du.edu) from Denver, Colorado

"I think you are a terrific teacher, instructing very good moves in an easy to understand manner.  When I was in living in the Los Angeles area, I took most of my lessons with Joby and Luis Vazquez (top instructors in L.A.), but also took lessons from a lot of folks in the Orange County area, attending several of the all-day workshops.  Since I spend time in the classroom myself, I am always inspecting someone's teaching style.  One thing that amazed me about Joby and Luiz when I was taking classes with them was not only were they great performers but they also were very good teachers: able to demonstrate the move, explain the steps very clearly, along with the nuances that make it look good, encourage the students, be very patient, and have fun.  You did all of these as well, and compare very favorably."

Andrew Pfeiffer (c_andrew_pfeiffer@yahoo.com) from Boulder, Colorado

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great Salsa classes you've taught the last three weeks.  My salsa has improved a hundred fold!  The class has such a great atmosphere.  I'm really looking forward to the next round of classes, too, so I can get even better."

Ron Clarke (rdclarke@earthlink.net) from Denver, Colorado

"I just finished taking Eric's Intermediate-Advanced class and was extremely happy with the scope and the details of the material covered.  He explained the details of correct salsa styling and was patient with helping all of us with body positioning and timing.  He has an easy going style in teaching and also covered the history of salsa and some of the moves...a very complete dance instruction experience.   I look forward to learning more with Eric as well as with his assistants Lauren and Michelle."

Greg Richardson (GRichardson@bcmt.org) from Boulder, Colorado

"Eric Freeman's intro to Salsa class was extremely rewarding.  I had a great time and am surprised how much I learned in such a short time.  My initial nervousness was quickly overcome by Eric's patient teaching style.  I can't wait to see you in the advanced class!"

Christine Donahue (orbit26@rmi.net) from Boulder, Colorado

"We are so lucky to have such an excellent cuban style salsa teacher in Boulder. In just one class, I learned simple things from you that really improved my technique -- your attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing your passion for dance with us!"

William Broder (wbroder@hotmail.com) from Boulder, Colorado

"I've only taken a single class with you so far, but I'm very impressed with the clarity and precision of your teaching. I like the way you go around and check that each and every student is doing the movements right, even in a class of 15 or so, before you go on to the next step.
    I've taken a few dancing lessons in my time, but all the teachers did was model and have the students imitate; I don't have the natural kinesthetic ability to pick things up that way, and I imagine I'm not the only one.  I was consequently surprised to find that the rhythm practice, coupled with your concise, simple explanations, allowed me to learn the basic sequence in a single class. I've checked myself periodically since then, and the motion is still completely with me.
    If I had to make a criticism, and I'm hard put to think of any at all, I guess it would be that I felt as though I'd mastered the material about halfway through the class, and was eager to learn more right away. I'm surprised to find myself saying this, since I've always been the slowest learner in the class, but I guess it's just testimony to your wonderfully effective teaching style."

Jim James (jjames@nfusiontech.com) from Boulder, Colorado

"Eric's classes are amazing! You start Salsa dancing in the first class and can go out on the dance floor with confidence. Eric teaches fundamentals and music skills first, and then builds on these for interesting moves, partner work, and variations.  Eric's teaching style is clear and precise.  He illustrates each move and step, and then shows you how to put them together.  He is fun and engaging - beginners as well as people with other dance backgrounds pick up Salsa right away.  I thought I was Salsa-challenged until I took a couple of Eric's classes - now I dance all night!"

Bob Lantaff (rlantaff@aol.com) from Boulder, Colorado

 "I am a beginning dancer and have recently taken private lessons with Eric Freeman.  The two sessions/four hours of instruction with Eric have done wonders for my technique and my enjoyment with dancing Salsa.  He greatly improved my timing, my footwork, my balance and posture, and showed me some of the finer details of the male lead in Salsa.  I would highly recommend Eric as a teacher, and look forward to taking more lessons with him."