Eric “El Cubanito” Freeman
Salsa Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer,
Video Producer & Director

Dance Styles
  • Expertise in Salsa:  New York and Los Angeles style turn patterns and moves, Cuban casino style, "Cumbia style"
  • Can dance on any beat of the music
  • Familiarity with Afro-Cuban Rumba (Guaguanco and Columbia), Cha-Cha-Cha, Traditional Cuban Son, Despolote
  • Significant exposure to Hustle, East Coast Swing and Kizomba

  • 04/93    Attended Carmen Reina Nelson Latin Dance classes (3 months)
  • 07/95    Attended course in Costa Rican Style Salsa at the Colorado Dance Festival
  • 09/95    Studied extensively for 3 months at Dancesport Ballroom and Latin School
  • 12/95    Studied privately with Lourdes Tamayo of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional.
  • 07/96    Studied privately with and attended workshops of Lourdes Tamayo of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional
  • 02/97    Studied privately with Mayra Rosa Milian and Tony Pedroso of the Escuela National de Arte.
  • 02/98    Studied privately with the Ban-rra-rra Dance Troupe.
  • 02/98    Studied privately with Luis Vazquez of "Salsa Brava"
  • 04/98    Studied privately with Angel Villalon Cintra (rumba dances),  Ibert Vazquez Moreno and Sunny Soriano Malo de Molina of the Conjunto Folklorico del Oriente.
  • 07/98    Attended course in Cuban-style "Casino and Rueda de Casino" at the Colorado Dance Festival
  • 03/99     Studied privately with Ibert Vazquez Moreno and Sunny Soriano Malo de Molina of the Conjunto Folklorico del Oriente and Joel Fernandez Ferrer and Yaqueline Abiaque of "Son JJ".
  • 05/99    Attended Salsaweb Convention
  • 05/00    Studied privately with Mario Charon of the Conjunto Folkorico del Oriente, Leonardo Martinez & Daisy Villalejo of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, "Onoris" Roberto Leon Chacon, Norberto Vaillant Leyua, Yaqueline Abiaque, and Joel Fernandez Ferrer.
  • 06/00    Studied privately with Thomas Guerrero, director of the Santo Rico Dance Company, Jayson Molina of the World Salsa Congress, Nick Robinson and Bobby Ortiz.
  • 09/00    Studied ballet privately with Peter Davison of The Boulder Ballet & The Boulder Arts Academy.

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