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Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict
Volume I & Volume II

Edie, The Salsa FREAK from Los Angeles, California:
(see http://www.dancefreak.com/interviews/eric_freeman.htm for original posting)

"Eric Freeman's “Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict” Video Series!

Eric Freeman has done it again!   This time, teaming with partner Lauren Mones, Eric has added to his "60 Cool Moves" with even more rhythm and style.  "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict" takes on more of a Cuban technique.  Eric "El Cubanito" displays 42 new hot moves in Volume I, and 45 moves in Volume II.  Born in New Jersey, and now living in Colorado, Eric masterfully demonstrates dance patterns from his catalog of now over 2,500 moves and turns.  From watching him dance, and listening to him speak Spanish, one would swear he was born and raised in Havana, Cuba.  Eric has spent the last decade traveling virtually every year to Cuba and studying the movements and rhythms of Cuban style Salsa.

What's unique about this video is how he combines Cuban style with Los Angeles and New York moves.  Masters of both "On One" and "On Two" Salsa dancing, Eric and Lauren, at the end of each video, dance at length on the “1” and then on the “2” while seamlessly mixing moves, techniques and style from Cuba, Los Angeles and New York.

One thing that I find fascinating is how he demonstrates a 10-step pattern that allows a slow-spinning woman to come out of her spin more smoothly, and on time with the music.  Although the man's footwork timing ends up on ladies timing for a brief measure, Eric has a unique way of easily flowing back onto men's timing within the next measure.

I believe that Eric takes the lead in instructional videos.  He cuts to the point, doesn't spend an infinite amount of time on each pattern, doesn't repeat the same pattern over and over again, and understands completely, that each one of us, as viewers and eager students of the dance, no matter what level, have a REWIND button on our VCRs.

Two thumbs up for his "Hot" and "Cool" Moves series! "

            Neal Watson from Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND:
           (the person who mainains the complete list of all salsa videos)
           (Check out his page (with review of this video) at http://salsavidoreviews.org)

"Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict Video 1 & Video 2
These videos are the sequel to the popular Cool Moves 2 video. These videos are packed full of moves/routines/demos.
They are very good value. The moves are a mix of LA, NY, Cuban steps. All the moves can be incorporated into LA or NY style. The moves produce a good flow.
The most important thing about the moves taught is that they are leadable & followerable without warning. The male can just lead a female that knows these turns without any tips or warnings.
Eric Freeman has provided a very detailed & accurate review of these videos on his site.
I would class the level as very good beginners to intermediate with some advanced . Most people would class this video as intermediate to advanced.
(Note: My grading standard is a lot higher than most as I have to provide scope for the very complex advanced moves not been taught in any video yet. By this I mean the advanced flips used in performance Salsa.)
I highly recommend these videos.
Sample video clips. Yes must see.

Paul Baarn from Haarlem, NETHERLANDS:

"I would like to tell you that you run a very swift and smooth operation. I received the "Salsa Addict" tapes (in Holland!!) within a week after ordering. They came as a total surprise on Saturday. Of course I couldn't wait to get the tapes into the VCR. I wasn't dissappointed. Loads of excellent moves. I'm an advanced dancer, so most of the moves are easy to learn for me, but I'm already past the phase where moves have to be hard to be beautifull. Above all, I think the moves are smooth. I think the level of teaching has improved over the "Cool Moves" tape. Little tips about the lead and the footwork can take dancers to the next level and that's what you and your partner provide. After trying some moves with my wife Janet, I took her out dancing and we had the best (dance)time in a long time. I was inspired by the tape. I used combinations from it and came up with new things based on that. The day after, the same story.
I will start teaching in August and the tape presents excellent teaching material. I will give credit, where credit is due, of course. Can't wait to see your next video."

Peter Silverman from Ashland, OREGON:

"I am glad I bought these videos.   They  are good videos for learning patterns:  the patterns are clearly presented, and there are lots of 'em.  If you liked the patterns in Cool Moves Revealed, you are bound to like Hot Moves for Salsa Addicts:  the main difference is that after every three or four moves, Eric and Lauren suggest a way to link the moves into combinations.  Comprelo ya!"

Anonymous from Cambridge, MA:

"This video is very, very cool.  I'm in awe every time I watch it.  As an avid salsa lover, I feel like I've been stuck in a beginner salsa level for a long time.  I only got this video 5 days ago, and it seems to be the catalyst helping me make the jump to an intermediate level -- by a great margin.  I really like the structure of the video -- moves, routines, demos.  Another great thing is that you can pick up more hot moves in the lengthy demos which aren't taught as moves in the video.  So as you can imagine, there are enough moves to satisfy the ever-wanting salsa dancer. And for some reason, it seems easier for me to lead the moves in this video than those in the Cool Moves Revealed video.  The heat is definitely turned up in this one.  I probably should stop bantering and get my copy of Vol. 2!"

Jason Spellberg from Boulder, CO:

"I have had a chance to look over the Salsa Addict Volume I tape, and it is awesome.  I like it far better than the Cool Moves video for 3 reasons.  First, the production appears much more professional (cool graphical additions--I like the way you get the screen to telescope in and out).  Second, I really like the fact that you go slowly when counting through the moves--you didn't do that in the Cool Moves Video anywhere near as much.  Finally, I really like the way you show small moves then demonstrate them by building them up into a sequence.  I look forward to viewing the rest of the footage!  Great job, man!
These videos are awesome because they cover three aspects of instruction. First, they break down the individual moves slowly and clearly.  Second, they show how the moves can be incorporated into routines, and then they even break the routines down slowly and clearly.  Finally, in the freestyle demos at the ends of the videos, Eric and Lauren show how these advanced moves can be executed with phenomenal style and precision.  These demos, which to me are a very valuable addition to the videos, allow the viewer to study the presence of two fantastic dancers."

Damir Coklin from Melbourne, AUSTRALIA:

"It took less than a week for your videos to arrive here to Australia. The temperature set in your "Cool Moves II" has risen in its sequels -- the sweltering "Hot Moves". While studying your videos it became obvious that a lot of careful thought and planning went into their production. Although a number of standard moves on the videos I knew beforehand, I like the way you are building interesting and refreshing variations, explaining and executing them clearly and simply.
Tying the moves together can be a difficult task for a leader, and that’s why I find the routines very useful. The 1-2-3-4-5-Pause counting for medium-speed turns in "Hot Moves I", and presenting more complicated moves in slow-motion from “Hot Moves II” is an excellent idea! The accompanied music is also superb.
The style you are presenting in the demos at the end of each video present somewhat unique blend of American and Cuban style-dancing, that may seem somewhat strange at first, but in the end it is actually working!  Salsa addicts in Australia dance in an entirely different style, making it hard for me to teach my female partners the Ladies’ styling of American Style Salsa. Lauren’s restrained and elegant performance on the videos will make this task so much easier.
With no complaints to think of, these videos, that are set at the right price, I find a very good value for money.  Eric, keep them coming!
Your Cool and Hot Moves videos are the most useful of all vidoes I've acquired so far."

Dan K. from Jerusalem, ISRAEL:

"I've just received the videos. I think there's a definite improvement over the "Cool Moves Revealed." The only thing is that, in my opinion, may be missing, are little introductory tips on common elements with a high level of difficulty, like hook turns, counter-clockwise multiple turns, etc. Other than that, both tapes present very good learning material. Thanks again!"

Raul Mejia from Enschede, THE NETHERLANDS:

"I am really impressed with the on-line clips of your new videos.  I couldn't wait to send you a message about them.  What you teach is exactly what in Europe is happening.  We cannot talk here about the LA/NY/Cuban style, because in only one place there are people from several countries, so the mix of styles is obvious.  You mix it in a kindly way. Good work."

Afif Mlika from Montrael, CANADA:

"I would like to thank you for the quality of your tapes.  I bought "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volumes 1 and 2" and "Cool Moves Revealed, Volume 2" from your website and I was stunned by the quality of your dancing and your ability to explain these cool moves."

Don DeBoer from Minneapolis, MN:

"I just want to say that I find your videos to be the best on the market and I hold them as a standard for my own dancing.  Your new videos, in particular, are a real treasure.  I am one of the few salsa dancers in this midwestern city (Minneapolis) that adopts your style as opposed to the predominate cumbia style salsa one would find here."

Roy Crisostomo from Ottowa, CANADA:

"I received your two new videos last week, and I must say they are quite excellent.  I hope you keep making more 'hot' moves.......  I'm also quite impressed at the short time that it took to arrive here in Ottawa, Canada. Thanks again....."

Michael Punz from Berlin, GERMANY:

"I purchased the two "Hot Moves for the Salsa Addcit" videos and find them very well made and interesting. I also think that the dancing style has improved over "Cool Moves Revealed" - it is much "cleaner." I'd love to dance with Lauren ...... it looks like real fun."

Fabio Boschetti from Perth, AUSTRALIA:

"I like Eric Freeman's open-minded salsa... 'What salsa style should I dance? NY or LA or Cuban?'  'I would like to switch to Cuban style, but I do not want to lose all those cool NY moves..' No need to worry. Eric shows us how to mix moves and ideas from different styles into a uniform, natural and spontaneous blend.  No flashy choreography, no special effects. No artificial colour, just 100% pure salsa. I call it open-minded, earthy, flesh and blood salsa. Once more... among the best videos on the market.."

Barry Covington from London, ENGLAND:

"The videos are great. When you compare the cost of 1 lesson in a club in the UK say between £5 and £6 by an
average instructor, these videos are full of gems, and so precise, can refer again and again."

Nachman Zimet from Tel Aviv, ISRAEL:

"I'm enjoying the two instructional videos very much. I like the style, which is different from the one we dance over here, and I have a good partner to learn and dance with."

Roberto Facchini from Sardinia, ITALY:

"Your videos (salsa addict) are really amazing. I'm learning a lot of things from you, especially those that cuban teachers don't teach (they are very jealous about their way to dance.) I really do like your way you explain every step of the moves (you got the method,man!!!!!), even if some of the moves are explained too fast."

Karel van Tornhaut from Kolmthout, BELGIUM:

"This video (Volume I) is outstanding, thanks for the good work."

Keith Lawrence from Wien, AUSTRIA:

"I just recieved you cassette (Volume II).  It is brilliant."

Felix Stricker from Basle, SWITZERLAND:

"At first glance they seem a bit too fastpaced, but when you look at them closely it becomes clear that they are full of details and much more carefuly done that the first one ("Cool Moves Revealed."). The routines section is fantastic... probably the best salsa instructional videos around..."

Atip Muangsuwan from Bangkok, THAILAND:

"Thanks for the video tapes! All 6 tapes were very well received! And I just  finished watching 2 of your tapes---The Hot Moves for Salsa addicts Volume I&II. Wow!!! They were really HOT!!! I really enjoyed watching and learning your instructional and enjoyable moves!
    You and your dance partner--Lauren-- were truly amazing!!! Also, I got a chance to read your short guide to Europe. I thought it's pretty much useful and I learned a lot from your writing! So, please write more!
    I guess I am truly blessed in that I happened to know your website and I already purchased your tapes. I think they worth my money even if they're quite costly when converted from US dollars into Thai baht (1 US$=44 Thai baht)
    Thanks very much once again for the quick delivery and the quality of the tapes!"

Marek Szumlas from Leiden, THE NETHERLANDS:

"Your Salsa Addict vidoes are excellent. I find them better and easier than the Cool Moves series. Your partner Lauren is a very smooth mover and you, of course, can dance any style you choose. But if you don't mind me saying so, I think the Cuban suits you best.  I cannot help feeling that you like it a lot too, and in the Salsa Addict videos I
can seen plenty of Cuban influence between all the videos I've bought from you. I think you've covered every move I've ever seen except one -- in Holland they call it "reverse cross body."

Tomo Sato from Montreal, CANADA:

"I saw your videos, "Cool Moves Revealed Volume II" and Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict, Volume I." These are the most useful and exciting salsa videos I've ever seen and known (I watch them everyday). Thanks for making such videos, Eric."

Scott Wilson from Chesapeake, VA:

"I never do this (write testimonials) but after purchasing your product (Hot Moves for the Salsa Addict Volume I) I have to say, what a great piece of work. My wife and I have been teetering on the advanced beginner/intermediate level and with this video, we have been able to really advance our technique. I just wanted to thank you in advance for future products I will order from your series and tell you to keep up the great work."

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